Evolution Trail Combo - Stage 5

In this full day program students explore exhibitions and complete activities that focus on evolution.The program consists of up to four self-guided activities with an option to include one educator-led activity.

Student with goanna x-ray

Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

Full day program

  • Syllabus links: Science Stage 5
  • Maximum number of students: 30 per session (4 groups per day) for Fascinating Fossils session. No limit for self-guided sessions.
  • Duration: three or four one-hour sessions
  • Cost: general Museum entry charge per student for self-guided programs. For the optional educator-led session, Fascinating Fossils, there is an additional charge of $4.40 (incl GST) per student.

Self-guided programs

  • Evolution and natural selection: students discover animal strategies for survival in Australia's changing climate and landscape and investigate Australia's megafauna.
  • Dinosaurs: students explore the world of dinosaurs through skeletons, life-size models, skulls, teeth, claws and hundreds of other fossils.
  • Geology Trail: students investigate the three different rock types, crystal formation, limestone caves, hot spots and the chemical composition of minerals using written stimulus questions.
  • Evolution and adaptations: students investigate the adaptations of animals in particular the limbs of mammals, birds and amphibians and the feet and bills of birds. They also explore the evolutionary link between birds and reptiles.

Museum educator-led program

There is an additional charge per student for this activity.

  • Fascinating Fossils: students use real and cast fossils to follow the steps used by palaeontologists in fossil interpretation and the reconstruction of animals using their fossil remains. They compare the fossils from extinct Australian Megafauna with bones from their closest modern-day relatives.

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