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Turn on your X-ray vision and enter the hall of bones.

Skeletons Exhibition

Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

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Everyday event
09.30 AM to 05.00 PM
Level G, Skeletons Exhibition
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Every human and animal skeleton tells a story. Whether they're internal, external, short, flat or hollow, bones speak volumes about the organisms they support. In this fun and fascinating exhibition the Museum takes its skeletons out of the closet for you to see right up close.

Learn what bones are made of; how they mend after being broken or damaged; and discover how different types of skeletons such as fish and water mammals, land creatures and birds have evolved to cope with their specific environments - and why some animals have two, four or no feet!

Discover how humans have endoskeletons (which means our skeletons are on the inside of our skin) while many other creatures like crabs and spiders have skeletons on the outside called exoskeletons.

Things to do:

  • See your own bones at work by riding the popular exercise bike that's attached to a human skeleton. You'll be amazed at how many bones you use!
  • Marvel at the scale of Jumbo the elephant who for many years gave rides at Moore Park Zoo.
  • Find out where the stresses in bones are by pulling a lever and seeing what gets highlighted.
  • Compare the scale of skeletons belonging to familiar domestic creatures including a dog, cat, bird, rat and human sitting in a rocking chair.
  • Browse through the Museum Shop on your way out and pick up a skeleton gift or gift about the natural world including books, toys and games, and the Museum's official souvenir guidebook. Great for kids' presents, local and international tourists, or as a treat for yourself.

Special feature

Discover our quirky new cabinets of curiosities and get a taste of what our Skeleton Gallery may become in the near future: Curious Treasures – The Long Gallery 

Touch Table Alert!

Look out for the special touch table in this exhibition, it features special pieces from our collection that both little and big kids are encouraged to touch, feel and examine at close range. Chat with trained staff about the specimens and catch up on the Museum's latest research work.

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