What's on: Science and Storytelling: Film Evenings at the Museum

A series of marine-themed documentary screenings and Q&A sessions with the scientists and film-makers involved.

Science and Storytelling: Film Evenings at the Museum #2

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Special event
19 August 2014
06.30 PM
Theatrette, entry via William St
FREE - bookings required

Together with the Australian Marine Science Association and Sydney Institute of Marine Science, we're proud to present a series of marine-themed documentary film evenings including Q & A sessions with the scientists and film-makers involved.

1. The Search for the Ocean's Super-Predator *BOOKED OUT*
Directed by Michael Lynch
Tuesday 29 April
6.30 pm

In the depths of Australia’s Southern Ocean, a Great White Shark is savagely attacked by a far larger mystery predator. The electronic tracking device attached to its fin records a high-speed underwater chase before the shark and its tag are devoured.

Two weeks later, after being carried in the belly of the unknown killer, the still-functioning tag is excreted and washed ashore holding clues that could reveal the identity of the super predator. Follow investigators as they delve into the mystery of the ocean’s most fearsome predators.

Panel speakers: Karina Holden, Filmmaker and TV executive responsible for commissioning the film for the ABC; Dr Michelle Blewitt, marine mammal expert featured in the film; Dr Mandy Reid, deep sea squid expert from the Australian Museum. Filmmaker Stephen Oliver will moderate the conversation.

2. Australian Museum Science Festival Screening
Tuesday 19 August
Details to be announced soon

How to book

*FIRST FILM BOOKED OUT* Contact our Science Communication team on (02) 9320 6389 or via email.

This event is organised in collaboration with the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre (UNSW), the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Science Communication (AM).

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