What's on: Night Talk: Pointed stones and broken bones

Join anthropologist Stan Serafin for a discussion of warfare among the ancient Mayans, including scale, tactics, weapons, and motivations.

Night Talk: Pointed stones and broken bones

Night Talk: Pointed stones and broken bones
Photographer:  © Public domain

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Event Type:
Special event
16 October 2014 to 16 October 2014
06.30 PM to 07.45 PM
Australian Museum, entry via William St
$30 ($20 Members)

About the talk

Discover new insights into ancient Mayan culture and the role of warfare throughout Mayan history. The rich evidence includes hieroglyphic inscriptions that record the military exploits of rulers; the famed Bonampak murals which graphically depict prisoner torture and sacrifice and injuries in human skeletal remains. Join Stan Serafin as he discusses warfare among the ancient Mayans, including its scale, tactics, weapons, motivations and consequences.

About the speaker

Dr Stanley Serafin’s research investigates ancient Maya cultural change among populations living on the periphery of the Maya area through bioarchaeological analysis of human skeletal remains in the areas of violence and warfare, mortuary practices, migration patterns, diet and health, and biocultural processes such as tooth filing and cranial modification.

He has analyzed skeletons from various sites in northwest Yucatan, including Mayapán and Oxkintok, as well as recently discovered cemeteries at the westernmost Maya site of Comalcalco. He has collaborated with a number of archaeological projects and colleagues from the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e História of Mexico's (INAH) centres in Yucatan and Tabasco, the University at Albany – SUNY, the College of Saint Rose, Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University

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