What's on: Kids Birthday Parties

Give your child a birthday party they’ll never forget!

Kids Birthday Parties #3

Photographer: © Australian Museum

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Saturdays 11am – 12.30pm (bookings essential)
Level 2, Opposite Kidspace

It’s party time at the Museum. Fun for kids... easy for you!

Roars, claws and dinosaurs! (Ages: 4–8)

Roar and stomp your way around the museum with your friends and experience a party you will never forget!
Each party includes:

  • a dinosaur based galley tour
  • touch real fossils and learn about herbivores versus carnivores
  • make your own clay fossil to take home
  • full catering for children and adults if required
  • party bag with hatching dinosaur


  • Package 1 – Inclusive of catering for both children and adults
    Members: Child $48 & Adult $10
    Non-members: Child $53 Adult $10
  • Package 2 – Inclusive of catering for children only
    Members: Child $48
    Non-members: Child $53

Please note: we require per party a minimum 15 and maximum of 20 children. A minimum 2 and a maximum 5 adults is also required.

Bookings and information

  • Booking is confirmed upon payment of 15 children and 2 adults.
  • Book online below at least 3 weeks before your preferred date.
  • For further information please email us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I have to book a party?
We generally require 3 weeks notice. We can run parties with less notice only providing we can organise the staff to run it.

How many kids can we invite?
We have a minimum of 15 kids and a maximum of 20.

How do I book extra tickets?
Once you have booked your initial package we create an individual event via eventbrite and send you the link to purchase your extra tickets.

Do you supply a cake?
No, you must bring your own cake. We provide knife, candles, lighter plates, napkins etc.

Do we need to bring our own decorations?
No, we decorate the room (balloons on request). Please note we are not allowed helium balloons.

What are the catering options?
1. Kids catering only- 1 sandwich each (ham,cheese,vegemite) a small treat, juice and fruit
2. Kids and Adults- Adults get sandwiches, coffee/tea and fruit. We also supply water in jugs.

What if kids have allergies?
Unfortunately we do not cater for allergies except for gluten free which must be ordered in advance.

Do we need to organise party bags?
We give the kids a small take home gift but you can bring your own as well.

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