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The Australian Museum Research Institute hosts a monthly series of short talks showcasing current research at the Australian Museum.

AMRI Seminar Series #2

Photographer: © Australian Museum

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Special event
01.00 PM to 02.00 PM

The seminar consists of two 30-minute snapshots of new results or ongoing projects designed to keep our staff informed, but are also open to members of the public with an interest in scientific research.

Wednesday 13 May

Coral fluorescence: an art - science collaboration

Dr Anya Salih, University of Western Sydney
Lynette Wallworth, Artist

Come celebrate the International year of Light with these two fascinating talks where science and art are combined. Dr Anya Salih, coral fluorescence and bioimaging scientist at UWS, and Lynette Wallworth, award-winning film-maker and immersive installation artist, will speak at the Museum about their decade-long exciting collaboration, Wallworth's marine focused installations including the immersive film project CORAL with its focus on coral fluorescence and their future plans for works based on the cutting edge science of coral fluorescence. Their collaboration came out of their fascination with the incredibly dynamic and complex beauty of corals but also out of their deep concern for the impact of climate change on reefs. The full- dome film CORAL uses underwater imagery of coral reefs and marine species combined with a stunningly beautiful sound track to portray a fragile ecosystem under threat from global warming. Salih will also describe current developments in her research into coral fluorescent genes, their role in reef biology and the incredible biotechnological discoveries based on coral fluorescent proteins.

Last year’s Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists for developing super-resolution microscopy based on coral fluorescent proteins that now help scientists to break the diffraction limit of light and overcomes what only very recently seemed to be an insurmountable barrier. Salih will talk of this and her other coral fluorescent protein projects – their importance in increasing corals’ resilience to climate change, their various light-control applications in biomedicine and in light activation of genes in neuroscience, in biophotonics and in solar energy generation.

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