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The Australian Museum Research Institute hosts a monthly series of short talks showcasing current research at the Australian Museum.

AMRI Seminar Series #2

AMRI Seminar Series #2
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Special event
01.00 PM to 02.00 PM

The seminars consists of snapshots of new results or ongoing projects designed to keep our staff informed, but are also open to members of the public with an interest in scientific research.

Wednesday 12 October 

Divergent pathways to tropical agriculture in Australasia and Wallacea

Tim Denham, Australian National University

My research addresses one of the major questions in world archaeology: why did some people develop agriculture in the past, while others did not? In this talk, I outline a new research agenda for the investigation of tropical plant exploitation, domestication and agriculture in tropical Australasia and Wallacea. As part of these investigations, I want us to begin to change the way we think about plant exploitation, domestication and cultivation in these regions for the Holocene (approximately the last 11,500 years). Rather than focus on classifying people as hunter-gatherers/forgers and cultivators/farmers, I want to reorient our thinking to focus on the character of plant exploitation practices and domesticatory relationships in the past, which often cut across these categorical divisions.


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