What's on: Viva la Indepencida: An Evening of Mexican flavours and Aztec Treasures

Join us to commemorate Mexican Independence Day with a private viewing of our Aztecs exhibition, themed cocktails, Mexican-inspired nibbles!

Viva la Indepencida: An Evening of Mexican flavours and Aztec Treasures

 © Paul Malon

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Event Type:
Special event
16 September 2014
06.30 PM to 09.00 PM
Australian Museum, entry via College St
$95 ($80 Members)

The evening is warm and balmy, the intoxicating scent of anticipation fill the air mingled with the hint of tequila and gunpowder. Mexican orange blossoms fill hacienda gardens with tiny dynamite bursts of fragrance, mingling with the aroma of smoked chillies, cumin and oregano from the kitchen fires.

The place is Dolores, Mexico; the year, 1810, and the day 16 September. A group of Mexican nationals are about to conspire to overthrown the crown. Music plays, dancers sway, revellers drink and the night takes on the knowing grin of anticipation. Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla is freeing his men from prison, ready to incite a revolution which was to mark the first independence Mexicans had known in 300 years. Hidalgo recites his Grito de Delores ‘Viva Mexico’, ‘Viva la Indepencida!’ Soon they would be free from Spanish rule to become – Mexica – Azteca, once again.

Join us to commemorate this truly special date, enjoy a private viewing of the exhibition, with a themed cocktail, Mexican inspired nibbles and entrance to the Aztecs exhibition all included!

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