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Search & Discover

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Everyday event
09.30 AM to 05.00 PM
Level 2, Search & Discover
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Search & Discover is the Australian Museum's information and resource centre - open to anyone with a scientific, cultural or natural world question or query they'd like to ask.

Here is your chance to peer through a microscope, touch and feel real specimens, browse through our fascinating collections and catch up on the latest news!

Things to do

  • Talk to an expert. Is that a rock or fossil you found in your garden? Is the spider living in your kitchen dangerous? Our friendly expert staff are on hand to help answer your questions.
  • Hone your own research skills. Use reference books, the latest magazines and online resources to solve your own queries and work on your own projects.
  • Hold and examine real Museum specimens. Look under the microscope and discuss your findings with Museum experts.
  • Touch and feel a preserved platypus. Take close-range photos of many other specimens on display. Kids (and big kids) love feeling the different textures that you'd never normally get to touch.
  • Meet our rotating displays of live animals, from native cockroaches to stick insects.
  • Learn about the human story and examine the physical evidence (skull casts, replica artefacts and real stone tools) that help us piece together the evolutionary journey of modern humans.
  • Browse the collection drawers and see everything from beetles and parrots to mammal bones and shells right up close.

You can always submit an enquiry online too. Made an interesting discovery and need to know more? Fill out the online form and we'll get back to you soon.

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