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Start exploring Australia's diverse animal life, Aboriginal cultures and history with an expert-led tour.

Student group in the Birds collection

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Everyday event
By appointment (duration: one hour)
Level G, Atrium
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Take this exclusive opportunity to learn about Australia from the Museum’s trained guides. Choose a theme and enjoy a presentation tailored to you and your group's needs.

On every tour you'll get the chance to:

  • Handle Museum artefacts (such as boomerangs) and specimens (such as Koalas)
  • Get up close to some of our live specimens too
  • Ask questions and have them answered by an expert

Tours run for approximately one hour and are available by appointment.

Tour themes

  1. Unique Australia Tour - Explore both Australia’s Indigenous cultures and its amazing animal life. Hold museum artefacts such as boomerangs and get up close to the scary, venomous, strange or cuddly native Australian wildlife.
  2. Indigenous Australians Tour - Discover the amazing and diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, their histories and the issues facing them today.
  3. Australian Animals Tour - Meet many unique Australian animals, from the iconic koala to the most venomous snakes and spiders in the world. We also have pre-historic animals, such as the diprotodon (just imagine an animal that looks like a wombat but is the size of a rhino!).
  4. Explore the Museum Tour - peruse all of the Museum’s permanent galleries, including Surviving Australia, Birds and Insects, Minerals, the Egyptian Mummy, Dinosaurs and Indigenous Australians. Some temporary exhibitions may be included too.

Bookings & Prices

Tours are arranged by appointment. Please call (02) 9320 6163 or email us.
$7 per person after general admission, mininum of 10 people per group booking.

Other tours

We also offer a Behind the Scenes Tour.

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