What's on: Fierce Creatures: Tyrannosaurs and their Meat-Eating Kin

*SOLD OUT* Meet Dr Anne Musser and learn more about dinosaurs. And have we discovered the Southern Hemisphere's first ever Tyrannosaur?

Fierce Creatures: Tyrannosaurs and their Meat-Eating Kin

Anne Musser © Anne Musser

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Event Type:
Special event
26 March 2014 to 26 March 2014
06.30 PM to 07.45 PM
$30 ($20 Members)

Meet the extended family as Dr Anne Musser takes you on a tour of the tyrannosaurs and other therapods. The group includes many weird and wonderful meat-eaters, from the bizarre, pot-bellied therizinosaurs to the bird-like alvarezsaurs and the tiny, feathered Microraptor.

Explore their world and new discoveries of theropods in Australia, including what may be the Southern Hemisphere's first tyrannosaur.

About the speaker

Dr Anne Musser, Australian Museum.

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