What's on: Fate of the Dinosaurs: a Perfect Storm

*SOLD OUT* Meet Dr Andrew Gilkson and learn what really happened to the dinosaurs.

Fate of the Dinosaurs: a Perfect Storm

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Event Type:
Special event
2 April 2014 to 2 April 2014
06.30 PM to 07.45 PM
$30 ($20 Members)

The discovery of the K-T boundary (a thin, distinctive layer found in geological sediments worldwide), and the realisation that it coincided with mass extinctions 65 million years ago, heralded a major shift in the long-running debate about the demise of the dinosaurs.

Join Andrew Glikson as he presents the evidence for our theories of the events that wiped out so many, yet allowed others to survive.

About the speaker

Dr Andrew Glikson, Australian National University.

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*SOLD OUT* Contact us on (02) 9320 6225 or via email.

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