Evelyn Bingham Papua New Guinea Photographs

Photos taken around 1926 by Evelyn F Bingham while in Papua New Guinea after World War I.


The images, mostly from around Rabaul, include the township, Botanic Gardens, landscapes, local villages, ceremonies, people and plantation life. There are also views of Samarai township and nearby locations. Many of the images in the album are hand coloured, some in poor condition and include life at Matanatar Plantation and 'Mother' and 'Daughter' volcanoes. Others are from around Samarai, Milne Bay Province, PNG.

Evelyn Frances Bingham

These photographs were taken by EF Bingham of Balgowlah, NSW, who was in Papua New Guinea after WWI, working for the Expropriation Commission. He went to PNG around 1922 and was still there in 1926.



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