Touring exhibition: Deep Oceans

Experience the eeriest place on earth – the deep oceans. You won’t believe your eyes.


A deepsea anglerfish, Bufoceratias wedli

A deepsea anglerfish, Bufoceratias wedli
Photographer: N.J. Marshall © N.J. Marshall & Harb. Br. Oceanog. Inst.

Deep Oceans is a collaboration with Questacon – The National Science & Technology Centre.

This exhibtion is no longer available to hire.

Deep Oceans are the largest habitat for life on Earth ...but we’ve only explored a fraction of it.

We know more about the surface of Mars than about the dark depths of our own planet. But they’re already under threat.

Deep Oceans are home to some of the strangest creatures, living under some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth. Come and meet some of them.

  • Discover how different creatures have evolved to survive the extreme Deep Ocean world.
  • See real deep sea exploration vessels and drive one in our simulator.
  • Explore never-before-seen specimens from the deepest oceans.
  • Witness a whale carcass being gradually consumed.
  • Compare your growth to a Giant Tube Worm, the fastest-growing organism on Earth.
  • Meet a life-sized giant squid.
  • Question real Deep Ocean scientists about their discoveries.

Find out more information on the Deep Oceans website.

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Louise Teteris

Exhibition Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibition Development & Sales


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Louise Teteris , Exhibition Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibition Development & Sales
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