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The 'Hole in the head' skull I was a bit disapointed that it took me so long to find this Meiolania article. I searched 'Owen's Horned... Gabrielle 8.08 PM, 14 August 2009
Up Close & Spineless 2009 Results Hi Sophie. I was just wondering when the Up Close and Spineless competition will open please?? Thank... Terri 11.08 AM, 13 August 2009
Jewel Beetle It does mention that the adults feed on and fly around flowers, while the larvae burrow into wood or... Ondine Evans 9.08 AM, 12 August 2009
Chunia illuminata Hey. Theres some good information on here but I'm not looking for specific species and I do not know... melaaa 8.08 PM, 11 August 2009
Science Direct: Simon Roz hi cathy, Some very good work has been completed recently, looking at the climate literature over... simonroz 2.08 PM, 11 August 2009
Scolopendrid centipedes Hi Kell,this genera has lots of different species so it could be a number of different things, which... Louise Carter 1.08 PM, 11 August 2009
Jewel Beetle this is relly helpful thank you............... but it doesnt say anything about there feeding habits... deli101 10.08 AM, 11 August 2009
Jewel Beetle i think that this website is good for animal reports and things like that. aAt the moment i am studying... katie29 9.08 AM, 11 August 2009
Grasshoppers, crickets, katydids and locusts: Order Orthoptera Dear Marla, Immature insects in the order Orthoptera, and a few other similar hemimetabolous ( David Britton 8.08 AM, 10 August 2009
Grasshoppers, crickets, katydids and locusts: Order Orthoptera Do gr[Removed]s grow legs or other extremities back if say one is removed by a predator ? If one is... 6.08 AM, 10 August 2009
Scolopendrid centipedes Picture # 2. Lens cap is 55 mm wide. Making centipede 125 mm long. Deleted my second comment. Same... kell 3.08 PM, 07 August 2009
About the site Hi there - yes, the site is in its infancy and we hope to beef up this 'About the site' page with some... Ondine Evans 10.08 AM, 07 August 2009
Find a fish Thanks for your suggestion - we would love to make the Classification levels searchable at the very least... Ondine Evans 10.08 AM, 07 August 2009
Science Direct: Simon Roz Hi Simon, What do you think is the most important thing that we can do now about climate change? I mean,... cathyharp 3.08 PM, 06 August 2009
Museum in a Box - How to book I cannot see how to book the Museum in the Box on line, I have looked and looked on the various pages... Jasmine 2.08 PM, 06 August 2009