Animal Hands-on Session - Stages 1-3

Students are able to touch Museum specimens in a designated learning space.

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Photographer: Heather Taylor © Australian Museum

Museum educator-led program

Students can model scientific processes in a fun way as they explore real specimens. If you would like the educactor to focus on a theme from the list below please indicate your chosen theme when booking.


  • Australian Animals
  • Minibeasts (insects and spiders)
  • Habitats and Adaptations
  • Fossils
  • Dinosaurs
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Museum Secrets Revealed (What museums do)

General Information

  • Syllabus links: Science and Technology Stages 1-3
  • Maximum number of students: 30 (4 groups per day)
  • Duration: One hour
  • Cost: $4.40 (incl GST) per student. Free general entry for booked school students.
  • Available: Monday to Friday during term time

Education Resource Kit

The kit contains practical information, syllabus links, a Museum Guide Map and an outline of the program.

Education Kit


Ms Helen Wheeler , Learning Services Operations Manager
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