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Ecology (Flora and Fauna)

Glenn Muir, Senior Project Manager
Glenn has 17 years of experience as an ecological consultant. He has an excellent knowledge of the terrestrial fauna of south-eastern Australia and has carried out surveys across much of NSW, including the Riverina, Murray-Darling Depression, Illawarra, Blue Mountains, New England Tablelands, greater Sydney, Hunter Valley, and mid North Coast. He has been the primary author of well over 100 technical reports, including ecological impact assessments, species impact statements, options and constraints reports, flora and fauna management plans and biodiversity monitoring studies. Key projects include ecological assessments for upgrades of the Princes, Pacific and New England Highways; options reports for subdivisions; biodiversity monitoring in the Riverina; and preparation of a management plan for the Green and Golden Bell Frog during site development for the 2000 Olympic Games. Glenn is an accredited BioBanking Assessor.

Belinda Pellow, Senior Botanist
Belinda has 25 years of experience in vegetation survey and mapping. Her expertise is derived from ecological and taxonomic research, tertiary-level teaching, professional training, plant identification, herbarium curation, and environmental consultancy. Belinda has an excellent knowledge of the Australian flora, having collected, identified and curated species from most Australian terrestrial and aquatic vegetation associations. She has strong working relationships with leading scientists in plant ecology and taxonomy and has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and reports in the fields of taxonomy, ecology and education. Her experience includes plant community identification, vegetation mapping, flora impact assessments, targeted surveys for threatened flora, vegetation management plans, condition assessments, monitoring programs, pest management strategies, environmental audits and peer reviews.

Mark Semeniuk, Project Manager
Mark has nine years’ experience in wildlife survey and management. He is familiar with the survey and assessment of a wide variety of Australian wildlife, having undertaken projects throughout NSW and interstate. Mark’s experience includes baseline biodiversity surveys, threatened fauna surveys, options and constraints assessments, impact assessments, management plans and monitoring programs. Mark’s wildlife management expertise has been used in a number of large-scale fauna management projects, such as the design and implementation of a nest box plan, radio-tracking koalas next to the Pacific Highway, monitoring fauna underpasses using remote sensing cameras, kangaroo population management and a fox control program. Mark has a strong understanding of NSW and Commonwealth threatened species legislation and is an accredited BioBanking and Biocertification Assessor.

Dr Terry O’Dwyer, Project Officer
Terry has more than 10 years of experience in animal ecology and biodiversity assessment through his work as a researcher, university lecturer and environmental consultant. Terry has extensive knowledge of Australian ecosystems and has taught tertiary level courses in Ecology and Evolution, Animal Physiology, and Biodiversity. He has performed surveys for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish in a range of ecosystems throughout NSW and Queensland. Terry has also participated in a number of specialised studies including conservation projects with endangered Gould’s Petrels and Little Penguins. Terry has authored or co-authored numerous reports for both government and non-government agencies including flora and fauna impact assessments, species impact statements, and biodiversity monitoring reports. Terry has also authored several peer-reviewed publications in the field of animal ecology and behaviour.

Dr Ulrike Kloecker, Project Officer
Ulrike has more than 10 years of experience in wildlife research and ecological survey work. Ulrike has comprehensive knowledge of methods used in ecological field surveys and monitoring projects with a focus on fauna work, but also including flora and invertebrate work as well as feral animal control. Her fauna survey experience includes a wide range of surveys and methods for terrestrial mammals, reptiles, birds, bats and amphibians. Ulrike’s particular area of expertise is in the ecology of small terrestrial vertebrates of the semi-arid and arid Australian Inland. Ulrike has significant experience in the planning and coordination of research and monitoring projects, management of databases, data analysis and compilation of reports. Her specialist areas include mapping and data analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Lisa McCaffrey, Project Officer
Lisa has five years’ experience as an ecological consultant and has worked on numerous aquatic and terrestrial projects, including invertebrates. Lisa has carried out field surveys in NSW and interstate for a broad range of fauna, including terrestrial mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates. Her experience includes monitoring of benthic invertebrates in the Cooks River, surveys of fishes at Sydney Olympic Park, monitoring of Cumberland Land Snails in western Sydney, surveying for invertebrates in the Riverina and in the Pilbara region of WA and radio-tracking of Koalas in Bongil Bongil National Park. Lisa has compiled numerous technical reports and also has an extensive knowledge of Environmental Law and planning legislation.

James Bevan, Project Officer
James has six years of experience in flora research and monitoring and in bushland restoration. James is skilled in plant identification, floristic survey design, vegetation mapping and in preparation of impact assessments for threatened plants and endangered ecological communities. His experience includes flora surveys in the Cumberland Plain, rainforest pockets in the NSW great dividing range, and Australia’s arid inland regions, including the Murray-Darling Basin, the Pilbara, Queensland’s Brigalow Belt and the Simpson Desert. Key projects include a flora impact assessment of a 22,000 ha area in south-west NSW, testing and critiquing a national vegetation condition survey methodology for the Commonwealth Government, and the development and implementation of a long-term experiment to quantify the effectiveness of a bushland restoration in Cumberland Plain Woodland at St Marys.

Archaelogy & Heritage (Aboriginal Heritage and Historic Heritage)

Jennie Lindbergh, Senior Project Manager
Jennie has more than 20 years’ experience in heritage consultancy and, for the last six years, has been responsible for expanding the services provided by the Archaeology & Heritage team to include historic heritage. She is responsible for the direction, quality and review of all historic and Aboriginal heritage projects. She has a sound knowledge and understanding of Commonwealth and State heritage legislation and her expertise encompasses built, industrial and landscape heritage and historical archaeology. Jennie has provided expert heritage advice and consultancy reports to diverse clients including Office of Environment & Heritage, Department of Defence, Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, Sydney Water, RailCorp, private companies and architectural practices. Jennie is a member of Australia ICOMOS, the National Trust of Australia (NSW) Industrial Heritage Committee and Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Incorporated (AACAI Associate).

Chris Langeluddecke, Project Manager (Aboriginal Heritage)
Chris is an archaeologist with 12 years’ experience consulting in Aboriginal archaeology, community consultation and heritage management planning. He joined AMBS in 2006 after working as a project manager/archaeologist for ERM, prior to which he was a project officer with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Heritage Office, establishing site maintenance programs within Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness Areas. Chris has a comprehensive knowledge of Aboriginal heritage management practices and legislation, and current Australian archaeological methodologies, as well as extensive experience consulting and negotiating with government and community interest groups, particularly Aboriginal groups. Chris has carried out Aboriginal heritage assessments, archaeological excavations, management planning projects, prepared Aboriginal heritage management plans, strategies and provided heritage advice nationally.

Libby Percival, Project Manager (Historic Heritage)
Libby has qualifications in heritage conservation, urban planning, and archaeology. She has experience with built and industrial heritage sites, cultural landscapes and heritage planning issues. She has prepared heritage significance assessments, heritage impact statements, conservation management plans and interpretation strategies for a range of places in Sydney and NSW. Recent clients include RailCorp, Transport for NSW, Department of Planning, Sydney Water and Sutherland Shire Council. Libby also has 15 years of international experience in archaeological research and fieldwork, specialising in multi-disciplinary landscape surveys.

Jenna Weston, Senior Project Officer
Jenna has over nine years’ archaeological experience, specialising in Aboriginal cultural heritage. Jenna has extensive experience in consulting with Aboriginal community groups, conducting Aboriginal heritage assessments, preparing Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits, and undertaking archaeological works in accordance with permits, including excavation. Jenna’s specialist areas include Aboriginal stone artefact analysis, residue analysis and shell midden analysis. Jenna is well versed in assessing heritage significance and preparing management recommendations in accordance with relevant NSW legislation and OEH assessment and consultation guidelines. Jenna also has experience in historic heritage. She has undertaken historical research, physical assessments, historic archaeological excavation and monitoring, significance assessments and the preparation of Statements of Heritage Impact, and assisted in the preparation of HMPs and archival photographic recordings for a number of projects.

Ngaire Richards, Project Officer
Ngaire has five years’ experience as an archaeologist and heritage consultant, and during this time she has worked on Aboriginal and historic cultural heritage projects. Ngaire’s specialist areas include mapping and data analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) survey, and archaeological report preparation. Ngaire has participated in archaeological projects in Australia and overseas, including collaboration with international teams in Cambodia, Egypt and Jordan. Her experience encompasses historical research, field surveys, Aboriginal community consultation and Indigenous and historical excavations. Ngaire is a full international member of Australia ICOMOS.

Bernadette McCall, Project Officer
Bernadette has worked in archaeology and heritage since 1998. She has worked on multiple historical excavations in Sydney, Parramatta and Port Macquarie including the Dr Chau Chak Wing site, Ultimo, and on Aboriginal salvage excavations in the Sydney area and research projects in western New South Wales. Her consulting experience covers a broad range of urban, rural and industrial projects encompassing background historical research, fieldwork, preparation of archaeological assessments and report writing. She also has experience in historical and Aboriginal heritage surveys in regional New South Wales. Outside of Australia, she has worked mostly in Iran and Cyprus and she maintains an active academic research profile in both areas. In 2009, she completed a PhD investigating long term archaeological settlement patterns in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran. Her specialisations include archaeological survey, landscape archaeology and artefact analysis.

Ronan McEleney, Project Officer
Ronan has nine years’ experience as an archaeologist and heritage consultant, and during this time he has worked on prehistoric and historic sites in Ireland and Australia. Ronan’s specialist areas include historical research, on-site recording and excavation and archaeological report preparation. Ronan is a trench supervisor and senior team member of the University of Sydney’s annual archaeological mission to Paphos, Cyprus. His experience encompasses historical research, supervising small and large teams in the field, and Indigenous and historical excavations. Ronan has experience in archaeological consultation on a wide variety of engineering projects ranging from large scale projects, such as motorways and gas pipeline construction, to small scale modifications to listed buildings.

Laressa Berehowyj, Research Assistant
Laressa graduated with Honours in a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Sydney in 2012, majoring in archaeology and heritage. Since 2009 she has worked on various Aboriginal and historic archaeological excavations throughout NSW, including Leppington, Doonside, Parramatta, George Street Sydney and Anambah in the Hunter region. She has experience in undertaking historical research and in cataloguing and analysing historic artefacts from such sites as Thomas Ball’s pottery in Haymarket and the Dr. Chau Chak Wing building in Ultimo. Laressa’s main area of expertise, however, is stone artefact identification and analysis; particularly the microscopic use-wear analysis of Australian raw stone materials.

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