Australian Museum Consulting: Archaeology & Historic Heritage

We provide quality consultancy services in all aspects of historic heritage and archaeology.

Australian Museum Consulting: Archaeology & Historic Heritage

Australian Museum Consulting: Archaeology & Historic Heritage
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Australian Museum Consulting’s Archaeology & Heritage unit has an established reputation for providing quality consultancy services in the areas of built, industrial and landscape heritage as well as Aboriginal and historical archaeology. We provide independent heritage advice and services to a diverse range of clients, including local, State and Federal government, the mining, transport and infrastructure industries, commercial development companies and independent clients.

We are experienced in preparing significance and impact assessments, conservation management plans and interpretation plans, as well as planning, managing and executing large and small scale archaeological excavations. Consultation with stakeholder groups, including project teams, statutory authorities, local Councils, and representatives of local and Indigenous communities, is integral to the way we meet client and heritage best practice requirements.

Our personnel have a sound knowledge and understanding of Commonwealth and State heritage legislation. All reports are prepared in accordance with the principles of the ICOMOS Burra Charter (The Australia ICOMOS charter for the conservation of places of cultural significance) and relevant guidelines of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and NSW Heritage Council. All staff hold current WorkCover Occupational Health and Safety Inductions for construction work in NSW, Rail Industry Safety Induction (RISI) and Rail Safety Worker (Pegasus) cards, and first aid accreditation.

We prepare supporting heritage reports to:

  • Environmental Assessment (EA)
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)
  • Preliminary Environmental Investigation (PEI)
  • Referral to the Minister under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 2000 (EPBC Act)

Historic Heritage

We specialise in the assessment and management of historic heritage places, including buildings, landscapes, archaeological and industrial heritage sites. We specialise in:

  • Independent heritage advice
  • Heritage significance assessment
  • Heritage impact assessment and Statements of Heritage Impact
  • Conservation management planning and policy development
  • Heritage interpretation planning
  • Historical and archival research
  • Thematic heritage studies
  • Site survey and physical analysis
  • Archival photographic recording
  • GIS mapping of heritage places and archaeological sensitivity
  • Supporting documentation for approvals and permits under Section 60 of the Heritage Act 1977 and Section 57(2) Exemptions and Section 139(4) Exceptions
  • Compliance with NSW Heritage Council Excavation Director Criteria
  • Archaeological assessment and Research Design
  • Pre-construction heritage briefings
  • Historical archaeological excavation and monitoring
  • Post-excavation analysis and reporting

Aboriginal Heritage

We provide the full range of Aboriginal heritage assessment and archaeological services; and all Aboriginal heritage projects involve consultation and engagement with local Aboriginal community stakeholders, in accordance with established guidelines and professional standards in Aboriginal cultural heritage management and archaeology.

  • Independent heritage advice
  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Aboriginal Heritage Due Diligence Assessments
  • Aboriginal heritage background research & site register searches
  • Archaeological site survey, assessment & recording
  • Aboriginal community consultation & engagement
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans
  • Local Environmental Studies & Local Environmental Plans
  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) preparations
  • Archaeological test & salvage excavations
  • Specialist archaeological analysis of archaeological material (shell, bone, stone)
  • Heritage interpretation planning
  • Archaeological mapping, GIS & predictive modelling
  • Archaeological materials analysis & conservation
  • Pre-construction heritage briefings 

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