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Our core business is to deliver projects in the fields of natural and cultural heritage.

Natural heritage projects are managed by the Ecology section and cultural heritage projects by the Archaeology & Heritage section. Over the past 18 years AMC has built a client base inclusive of: local, state and federal government; government agencies (e.g. RMS, TIDC, SCA); companies involved in infrastructure and property development; the mining industry; engineering firms; architectural firms and others.

All our in-house’ staff are technical experts and the ability to draw on the technical resources and experts within the Museum gives us a strong marketing edge. This broad resource base allows us the capacity to engage in commercial projects outside its core business (e.g. Materials Conservation).

The Australian Museum maintains close links with key institutions and organisations such as universities, Aboriginal community groups, other museums and cultural groups in Australia and around the world. The collaboration of Museum staff with our technical and project management capabilities and an extensive network of specialist sub-consultants, means that our work is of the highest quality.

Having specialists in a number of disciplines allows for a strategic and integrated approach to projects. This strategic and holistic approach coupled with the extensive resources and expertise of the Australian Museum has resulted in us being one of the most respected leaders in the field of environmental consulting in NSW.

We are committed to providing excellent service through:

  • maintaining client liaison for the duration of the project;
  • ensuring accurate financial and time management;
  • coordinating our personnel and sub-consultants from other environmental disciplines and various Museum departments;
  • focusing on quality assurance and quality control;
  • preparing high quality reports in a timely manner; and
  • prioritising integrity, objectivity, ethics and accuracy.

The services provided by us are conducted in accordance with current Federal and State legislation and policy, standard practice guidelines, in accordance with the conditions of relevant licences (including scientific licences, Animal Care & Ethics Approvals, etc) and consents issued by Consent or Determining Authorities.

AMC Business Information

Trading Name: Australian Museum Consulting
Company Name: The Trustee for AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM TRUST
Australian Business Nº (ABN): 85 407 224 698


  • Comprehensive Motor Vehicle - As required - NSW Treasury Managed Fund MF100092 - Ongoing
  • Legal Liability, inclusive of Public Liability and Professional Indemnity - $20,000,000 - NSW Treasury Managed Fund MF 100093 - Ongoing
  • Workers Compensation - Equivalent to the current NSW Workers Compensation Legislation - NSW Treasury Managed Fund, Allianz Australia Insurance Limited MWJ3333046 - 30/06/14
  • Property Liability - As required - NSW Treasury Managed Fund MF100094 - Ongoing

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

We have implemented a Quality Management System complying with the requirements of quality system standard AS/ISO 9001 and is certified accordingly, with registration number QEC 20084.

Austr strives to achieve its quality objectives through:

  • identifying clients’ needs and requirements to ensure that the services provided match their expectations;
  • engaging professional personnel with the appropriate qualifications, experience, technical skills and commitment to excellence;
  • adequately training professional personnel to ensure they are equipped to provide the quality of service expected by clients and are able to meet the requirements of our quality management system;
  • using the extensive resources of the Australian Museum and the latest technology and principles to achieve the highest standards of performance;
  • reviewing our performance regularly to ensure there is continual improvement in the quality of its services.

Work Health & Safety

The Australian Museum operates under an Occupational Health and Safety Policy, incorporating risk assessment and safe working methods to be used by all employees. The nature of work carried out at the Australian Museum is extremely diverse, involving a broad spectrum of activities ranging from dangerous goods handling to using office equipment.

The Museum complies with the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, to ensure that WHS issues are managed efficiently and effectively. The Australian Museum Trust expects all employees to have a pro-active approach towards the implementation of its OH&S policy, procedures and guidelines so that unnecessary legal, financial and personal costs can be avoided. All fieldwork participants will be required to wear appropriate PPE, as identified by the project risk and job safety assessments.

All AMC projects are carried out in accordance with the Australian Museum’s Research and Collection Fieldwork Policy, which identifies activities that may pose potential risks to health and safety, and identifies mitigation measures to reduce the risks. A site specific Risk Assessment Form documenting hazard identification, risk assessment and control strategies will be completed prior to all field work undertaken by AMC staff, and can be made available to the client upon request.

AMC Clients & Panels

Australian Museum Consulting has experience providing services to a diverse range of clients, including local, State and Federal government, the mining, transport and infrastructure industries, and commercial developers.

AMC has been selected to participate in a number of tendering panels with local, State and Federal government agencies, as well as a number of private development organisations:

  • Railcorp, Heritage Consultants Panel
  • Ausgrid, Hunter Valley Aboriginal heritage consultancy suppliers
  • Marrickville Council, Urban Design, Heritage & Planning Advice Panels
  • Department of Defence, Defence Environment & Heritage Panel - Indigenous Heritage Assessment and Management
  • Swan River Trust, Provision of Aboriginal Heritage Consultants
  • ACT Land Development Agency, Provision of Cultural and Services Panel for Land Preparation
  • City of Wadonga, Provision of Consultant Services - Preferred Supplier Status
  • Spotless Western Australia, General Estate Works Construction & Civil Works $80k panel 0910-025 and Expert Estate Advice & Design Services Consultancy Panel
  • Wollongong City Council, Consultant Panel for the Provision of Heritage Services
  • South Australian Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure, Provision of Environmental Services Panel

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