Alexis the Alioramus

Meet Alexis, one of 8 members of our Tyrannosaurs exhibition family.

Alexis the Alioramus

Alexis the Alioramus
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

Third in line to the tyrannosuar throne, and measuring at a length of just 6m, Alexis the Alioramus may be fairly small by some of her family’s standards, but that doesn’t mean she is any less dangerous.

As the owner of 2 cheek horns, she is not afraid of standing up to her gigantic relative Theon the Tarbosaurus who is more than twice her size. She is also, often overheard threatening the 'crown dragon' of the tyrannosaurs, Crichton the Guanlong, that she will steal his throne for herself – and if he’s not careful, she just might!

Originally from Mongolia, Alexis considers her best feature to be her smile – and with 75 blade-like teeth (which is more than any other tyrannosaur) she would be right!

Even with those teeth though, when it comes to lunchtime, Alexis much prefers gobbling up small animals for a light snack rather than the big prey her other relatives eat. Because of that, Alexis is a lot smaller and faster than some of the other dinosaurs in her neighbourhood. Her longer delicate snout and striking facial features are the envy of other dinosaurs and she often uses her good looks to her advantage!

In fact, her nickname in the media is the 'ballerina of tyrannosaurs' - but don't think for one second that she likes being called that! Anyone that has met Alexis would know that when it's not raining or to hot outside, her favourite past-time is showing off her speed, agility and other skills, hunting for prey in the Altai Mountains where she lives.

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Fast facts about Alexis

  • From Mongolia
  • Used to wet/humid conditions
  • 75 shallow-rooted teeth – more than any other tyrannosaur
  • Hunts small prey
  • Long, delicate snout
  • 5 projecting bumps on the nose and prominent cheek horns
  • Relatively small and slender

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