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Staff of the Wildlife Genetics and Microscopy Unit

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Welcome to the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics at the Australian Museum. The Centre is comprised of a NATA accredited DNA Lab, Scanning Electron Microscope and a large biological tissue collection.

We offer DNA-based molecular diagnostic services in ecological applications such as species identification, individualisation, conservation and small population management.

Our wildlife forensics DNA analysts work with State and Federal government agencies in the identification of smuggled wildlife, suspected quarantine incursions and aviation strikes. We also work with museums, herbaria and universities around the world and in Australian arrange of molecular projects.

Our laboratory is equipped to isolate and amplify DNA from a variety of biological substrates. We have isolated DNA from many different substrates including bone, leather, eggs, feathers and animal skins.

In addition to this our own research scientists apply their expertise to a range of biodiversity questions across a range of taxa.

Our frozen tissue bank contains tens of thousands of samples comprising a large variety of both exotic and native Australian animals.

Current projects

  • Identifying seized shark fins to the species they were taken from using DNA.
  • Identifying of animal materials/parts seized by Australian Customs or Australian Quarantine to determine if they are from protected species.
  • Identifying bird and mammal species involved in Aircraft Birdstrike/Wildlife Strike for airports or airlines.
  • Completing DNA Gender testing of protected bird species for zoo's and wildlife groups.
  • Determingin population genetics of threatened wildlife species (for example the White Fronted Chat).
  • Investigating molecular systematics of threatened species (for example the Christmas Island Shrew)

Our team

  • Dr Rebecca Johnson Manager - Wildlife Genetics and Microscopy Unit
  • Sue Lindsay Manager - Microscopy & Microanalysis Laboratory
  • Andrew King Technical Officer - Wildlife Genetics and Microscopy
  • Dr Melissa Danks Technical Officer - Wildlife Genetics and Microscopy
  • Greta Frankham Technical Officer - Wildlife Genetics and Microscopy
  • Scott Ginn Technical Officer - Frozen Tissue Collection

In the news

Contact us

Please call Dr Rebecca Johnson on (02) 9320 6297 or send us an email.

Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
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