Australian Museum Research Institute Visiting Fellowships

The Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) offers several different fellowships to visiting researchers. 


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Applications for funding from July 2014 are now closed.

AMRI Postgraduate Award

The AMRI Postgraduate Award offers postgraduate students up to $2,500 to work directly with the Museum and become involved in its research activities.

AMRI Visiting Research Fellowship

The AMRI Visiting Research Fellowship offers researchers up to $8,000 to visit and work as collaborators in research projects with Australian Museum Scientists.

AMRI Visiting Collection Fellowship

The AMRI Visiting Collection Fellowship offers researchers up to $8,000 to visit and work with significant collections held by the Australian Museum.

Chadwick Biodiversity Fellowship

The Australian Museum's Chadwick Biodiversity Fellowship provides an exciting opportunity for a recent PhD graduate to establish a career in biodiversity research.

Leo Fleischmann Visiting Fellowship in Pacific Islands Arts and Material Culture

The Leo Fleischmann Fellowship offers researchers up to $2,500 to conduct research on the art and material culture of the Pacific Islands.

Peter Rankin Trust Fund for Herpetology 

The Peter Rankin Trust Fund for Herpetology provides up to $1,000 to Australian students to work with the Australian Museum herpetology collections.

Maxine Kauter , Program Coordinator
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