Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Prue Walker Volunteer archivist Archives & Records
Raenelle Tauro
Ramy Izzat Customer Service Officer
Ray Corcoran
Reading Room
Rebecca Johnson Acting Head, Science Services & Infrastructure DNA Laboratory
Rebecca Fisher Collections Officer - Culture: Australia
Restaurant Associates
Rhiannon Stephens Digitisation Project Officer Collection Informatics
Richard Major Principal Research Scientist Terrestrial Research
Richard Sampson Stores Officer Finance
Robert Jones Palaeontology Palaeontology Collection
Robert Mason Technical Officer, Molecular Biology DNA Laboratory
Robin Torrence Senior Principal Research Scientist Anthropology Research
Roger Springthorpe Technical Officer Marine Invertebrates Collection
Rose Docker Archivist Archives & Records
Rosemary Golding Scientific Officer Malacology Collection
Ross Sadlier Collection Manager, Herpetology Herpetology Collection
Ross Pogson Collection Manager, Mineralogy Mineralogy Collection
Rubén Reyes Project Officer
Sally Reader Technical Officer Ichthyology Collection
Sandy Ingleby Collection Manager, Mammalogy Mammalogy Collection
Scott Ginn Technical Officer, Frozen Tissue Collection, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics DNA Laboratory
Scott Mitchell Head, Cultural Collection Conservation & Consulting
Serena Todd Events Coordinator
Shail Patel Financial Operations Manager Finance
Shane Ahyong
Shane McEvey Entomologist and Editor Scientific Publications
Sheldon Teare Conservator Materials Conservation & Analytical Resources
Shelley Truskett Executive Assistant, Assistant Director of Public Engagement and Culture