Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Libby Percival Project Manager, Historic Heritage, Archaeology & Heritage, Australian Museum Consulting
Yvonne Carrillo-Huffman Collections Officer
Tina Goh Technical Officer
Bob Lamb Administration, Lizard Island
Tania Lamb Administration, Lizard Island
Lance Pearce Administration, Lizard Island
Marianne Pearce Administration, Lizard Island
Lyle Vail Director, Lizard Island Research Station
Des Griffin Senior Fellow
Frank Rowe Senior Fellow
Kate Richardson Executive Officer to Director
Sue Lindsay Microscopy and Microanalysis Unit, Manager
Rubén Reyes Project Officer
Greg Pratt Project Officer
Cassandra Nutt Customer Service Officer
Peter Middelfart Scientific Officer
Ramy Izzat Customer Service Officer
Gráinne Murphy Acting Marketing Manager
Marina Neuner Intern
Sue Myatt
Rebecca Fisher Collections Officer - Culture: Australia
Steven Alderton Assistant Director, Public Engagement & Culture
Brendan Atkins Publications Coordinator
Michelle DelCarlo Intern
Anna Wagner
Joko de Wit
Restaurant Associates
Laura Williams
Monica Porto
Irene Rubino Intern