Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Gail McCarthy Executive Assistant to the Director
Anna Namuren
Australian Museum Consulting
Shelley Truskett Executive Assistant, Assistant Director of Public Engagement and Culture
Ray Corcoran
Reading Room
Monica Porto
Anne Hoggett Director, Lizard Island Research Station
Jennie Lindbergh Senior Project Manager, Australian Museum Consulting
Peter Middelfart Scientific Officer
Shane Ahyong
Leonie Prater Digitisation Project Officer
Touring Exhibitions
Australian Museum Members
Brendan Atkins Publications Coordinator
Science Communications
Museum Shop
Theodora Gianniotis
Keren Ruki Collections Officer | Culture - International
Michelle Van Doninck Publicist
Rebecca Fisher Collections Officer - Culture: Australia
Julie Garradd Head, Visitor Programs and Services
Michael Tierney Executive Officer
Duncan Loxton
Yvonne Carrillo-Huffman Collections Officer
Matthew Krenmayr
Australian Museum Research Institute
Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
Kea Lambert Project Officer, Eureka Prizes
Restaurant Associates