Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
David Child Stores Officer Finance
Richard Sampson Stores Officer Finance
Abul Almazi Systems Administrator Information Technology
Jaynia Sladek Technical Officer Ornithology Collection
Cecilie Beatson Technical Officer Herpetology Collection
Lisa McCaffrey Technical Officer Business Services: Ecology
Louise Carter Technical Officer Arachnology Collection
Michael Elliott Technical Officer Collection Informatics
Roger Springthorpe Technical Officer Marine Invertebrates Collection
Andrew King Technical Officer DNA Laboratory
Marlene Vial Technical Officer Malacology Collection
Sally Reader Technical Officer Ichthyology Collection
Janet Waterhouse Technical Officer Malacology Collection
Jacquie Recsei Technical Officer Entomology Collection
Derek Smith Technical Officer Entomology Collection
Tina Goh Technical Officer
Michelle Yerman Technical Officer Ichthyology Collection
Kate Attwood Technical Officer Marine Invertebrates Collection
Anja Divljan Technical Officer Mammalogy Collection
Melissa Danks Technical Officer DNA Laboratory
Greta Frankham Technical Officer DNA Laboratory
Scott Ginn Technical Officer, Frozen Tissue Collection, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics DNA Laboratory
Amanda Hay Technical Officer, Ichthyology Ichthyology Collection
Alison Miller Technical Officer, Malacology Malacology Collection
Robert Mason Technical Officer, Molecular Biology DNA Laboratory
Anna Murray Technical Officer, Scientific Marine Invertebrates Collection
Louise Berg Temporary and Touring Exhibitions Coordinator Exhibitions
Carole Betts Tourism Coordinator Visitor Services
Zena Mourad Venue Sales and Marketing Coordinator Venues
Prue Walker Volunteer archivist Archives & Records