Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
David Bock Events Coordinator Visitor Services
Logan Metcalfe Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Steve Vogel Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Ella Minton Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Yvette Simpson Interpretitve Officer Visitor Services
Laura McBride Creative Producer Visitor Services
Carole Betts Tourism Coordinator Visitor Services
Chris Hosking Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Jen Cork Online Producer Web
Russ Weakley Web Designer Web
Deborah White Editor Web
Michael Hugill Online Producer Web
Christine Callen Head, Marketing & Communications
Don Colgan Principal Research Scientist
Frank Howarth Director, PSM
Julie Garradd Head, Visitor Programs and Services
Anne Hoggett Director, Lizard Island Research Station
Brian Lassig Assistant Director, Science & Learning / Head, Australian Museum Research Institute
Ken Pope Associate Director/Chief Financial Officer, Corporate & Knowledge Services
Jennie Lindbergh Senior Project Manager, Australian Museum Consulting
Dan Faith Principal Research Scientist
Reading Room
Serena Todd Events Coordinator
Chanele Moss Events Coordinator
Marcela Pacheco Executive Assistant
Miriam Arndt Marketing Coordinator
Scott Mitchell Head, Cultural Collection Conservation & Consulting
Andrew Cutbush Occupational Health and Safety Co-ordinator
Gail McCarthy Executive Assistant to the Director
Brendan Atkins Publications Coordinator