Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Sophie Masters Manager, Visitor Services Visitor Services
Miriam Arndt Marketing Coordinator
Sue Lindsay Microscopy and Microanalysis Unit, Manager
Jonathon Cant Museum 2 You Intern Learning Services
Martyn Robinson Naturalist Visitor Services
Vanessa Barratt NSW Science Communication Project Officer Science Communication
Andrew Cutbush Occupational Health and Safety Co-ordinator
Michael Hugill Online Producer Web
Jen Cork Online Producer Web
Geoff Gardner Operations Coordinator, Australian Museum Science Festival Science Communication
Anne Musser Palaeontologist Palaeontology Collection
Robert Jones Palaeontology Palaeontology Collection
Maria Capa Postdoctoral Researcher Marine Invertebrates Collection
Tina Mansson Preparator Exhibitions
Katrina McCormick Preparator/Taxidermist Materials Conservation & Analytical Resources
Jim Lowry Principal Research Scientist Marine Invertebrates Collection
Val Attenbrow Principal Research Scientist Anthropology Research
Dan Faith Principal Research Scientist
Richard Major Principal Research Scientist Terrestrial Research
Don Colgan Principal Research Scientist
Maxine Kauter Program Coordinator
Kristin Anderson Project Coordinator, Eureka Prizes
Chris Langeluddecke Project Manager Business Services: Archaeology & Heritage
Brian James Project Manager
Tim Ralph Project Manager Exhibition Production
Jenna Weston Project Officer Business Services: Archaeology & Heritage
Gregg Hardiman Project Officer Exhibition Production
Leeanne Bernard Project Officer Exhibition Production
Malcolm Bray Project Officer Exhibition Production
Albino Gimenez Project Officer Exhibition Production