Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Jayne Davey
Jaynia Sladek Technical Officer Ornithology Collection
Jeff Leis Senior Fellow Ichthyology Collection
Jen Cork Online Producer Web
Jenna Weston Project Officer Business Services: Archaeology & Heritage
Jennie Lindbergh Senior Project Manager, Australian Museum Consulting
Jenny Horder Manager Learning Services
Jim Lowry Principal Research Scientist Marine Invertebrates Collection
Jim Specht Senior Fellow Anthropology Research
Jodi Rowley Co-ordinator, Australian Museum Research Institute Herpetology Collection
John Gollan Scientific Officer Collection Informatics
John Paxton Senior Fellow Ichthyology Collection
John McKinnie Control/Patrol Officer Building & Security Services
John Tann Project officer Collection Informatics
Joko de Wit
Jonathon Cant Museum 2 You Intern Learning Services
Josh Haldane Control/Patrol Officer Building & Security Services
Julie Garradd Head, Visitor Programs and Services
Juliet Gauchat Development Officer
Karen Ariyan Education Project Officer Learning Services
Karen Player Manager Museum Outreach Learning Services
Kate Attwood Technical Officer Marine Invertebrates Collection
Kate Jones Conservator Materials Conservation & Analytical Resources
Kate Khan Senior Fellow Anthropology Research
Kate Richardson Executive Officer to Director
Kathryn Lenham Schools/Tourism Bookings Officer Learning Services
Katrina McCormick Preparator/Taxidermist Materials Conservation & Analytical Resources
Kea Lambert Project Officer, Eureka Prizes
Kellie Harris Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Ken Pope Associate Director/Chief Financial Officer, Corporate & Knowledge Services