Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Karen Ariyan Education Project Officer Learning Services
Lorell McIntyre Education Officer Learning Services
Karen Player Manager Museum Outreach Learning Services
Nathan Slawitschka Education Project Officer Learning Services
Beth Blaxland Education Project Officer Learning Services
Daniel Clarke Helpdesk Information Technology
Abul Almazi Systems Administrator Information Technology
John Paxton Senior Fellow Ichthyology Collection
Michelle Yerman Technical Officer Ichthyology Collection
Doug Hoese Senior Fellow Ichthyology Collection
Sally Reader Technical Officer Ichthyology Collection
Amanda Hay Technical Officer, Ichthyology Ichthyology Collection
Mark McGrouther Collection Manager, Ichthyology Ichthyology Collection
Jeff Leis Senior Fellow Ichthyology Collection
Maggie Chien Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources
Natalie Wu Human Resource Officer Human Resources
Chai Griffin Human Resources Officer Human Resources
Ross Sadlier Collection Manager, Herpetology Herpetology Collection
Hal Cogger John Evans Memorial Fellow Herpetology Collection
Allen Greer Herpetology Collection
Cecilie Beatson Technical Officer Herpetology Collection
Jodi Rowley Co-ordinator, Australian Museum Research Institute Herpetology Collection
Tim Moulton Customer Service Front of House & Customer Service
Mark Connolly Customer Service Manager Front of House & Customer Service
Siddharth Samant Finance Operations Manager Finance
Shail Patel Financial Operations Manager Finance
Kwan Chow Accounts Officer Finance
Henry Lugowski Management Accountant Finance
Oanh Tran Finance Officer Finance
Khin Sein Cashier Finance