Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Michael Tierney Executive Officer
Kate Richardson Executive Officer to Director
Em Blamey Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Fran Dorey Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Bliss Jensen Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Louise Teteris Exhibition Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibition Development & Sales Exhibitions
Elliott Cole Exhibition Project Manager Exhibitions
Elizabeth Cowell Exhibition Project Manager Exhibitions
Michael Smith Exhibition Project Officer Exhibitions
Oanh Tran Finance Officer Finance
Siddharth Samant Finance Operations Manager Finance
Shail Patel Financial Operations Manager Finance
Gayle Sutherland Geoscience Mineralogy Collection
Michael Harvey Head of Exhibitions & Creative Services
Glenn Hodges Head, Building & Security
Alexandra Boyce Head, Corporate Partnerships
Scott Mitchell Head, Cultural Collection Conservation & Consulting
Rosemary Swift Head, Development
Jason Wong Head, Digital Online & ICT
Narendra Mehta Head, Finance
George Notman Head, Human Resources
Fara Pelarek Head, Life Long Learning
Christine Callen Head, Marketing & Communications
Penny Berents Head, Natural Science Collections
Julie Garradd Head, Visitor Programs and Services
Daniel Clarke Helpdesk Information Technology
Natalie Wu Human Resource Officer Human Resources
Maggie Chien Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources
Chai Griffin Human Resources Officer Human Resources
Cate Lowe Image and Copyright Co-ordinator Web