Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Jacquie Recsei Technical Officer Entomology Collection
David Britton Acting Head, Natural Sciences & Biodiversity Conservation Entomology Collection
Andrew Mitchell Integrative Systematist Entomology Collection
Gregg Hardiman Project Officer Exhibition Production
Leeanne Bernard Project Officer Exhibition Production
Malcolm Bray Project Officer Exhibition Production
Albino Gimenez Project Officer Exhibition Production
Alex Wang Project Officer Exhibition Production
Colin Johnston Project Officer Exhibition Production
Tim Ralph Project Manager Exhibition Production
Tina Mansson Preparator Exhibitions
Em Blamey Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Michael Smith Exhibition Project Officer Exhibitions
Elliott Cole Exhibition Project Manager Exhibitions
Fran Dorey Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Louise Berg Temporary and Touring Exhibitions Coordinator Exhibitions
Elizabeth Cowell Exhibition Project Manager Exhibitions
Louise Teteris Exhibition Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibition Development & Sales Exhibitions
Bliss Jensen Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Siddharth Samant Finance Operations Manager Finance
Shail Patel Financial Operations Manager Finance
Kwan Chow Accounts Officer Finance
Henry Lugowski Management Accountant Finance
Oanh Tran Finance Officer Finance
Khin Sein Cashier Finance
David Child Stores Officer Finance
Richard Sampson Stores Officer Finance
Tim Moulton Customer Service Front of House & Customer Service
Mark Connolly Customer Service Manager Front of House & Customer Service
Ross Sadlier Collection Manager, Herpetology Herpetology Collection