Staff finder

Staff name Position Section
Deborah White Editor Web
Dennis Shallis Manager, Security Building & Security Services
Derek Smith Technical Officer Entomology Collection
Des Beechey Senior Fellow Malacology Collection
Des Griffin Senior Fellow
Dion Peita Collections Coordinator Anthropology Research
Don Colgan Principal Research Scientist
Doug Hoese Senior Fellow Ichthyology Collection
Duncan Loxton
Education Group Bookings Office
Elena Kupriyanova Research Scientist Marine Research
Elizabeth Phegan Development Officer
Elizabeth Cowell Exhibition Project Manager Exhibitions
Ella Minton Interpretive Officer Visitor Services
Elliott Cole Exhibition Project Manager Exhibitions
Em Blamey Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Emma Gray A/Manager, Research Library Research Library
Emma Shrapnel
Fara Pelarek Head, Life Long Learning
Finton Mahony Intangible Heritage Officer Cultural Collections & Community Engagement
Fiona Simpson Librarian Research Library
Fran Dorey Exhibition Project Coordinator Exhibitions
Fran Smith Librarian Research Library
Frank Köhler Research Scientist Malacology Collection
Frank Howarth Director, PSM
Frank Rowe Senior Fellow
Gabrielle Tydd Design Manager Design
Gail McCarthy Executive Assistant to the Director
Gayle Sutherland Geoscience Mineralogy Collection
Geoff Gardner Operations Coordinator, Australian Museum Science Festival Science Communication