Sleepovers at the Australian Museum

Would you like to spend a night sleeping in Australia's oldest Museum ?

Dinosnore Sleepover

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Come to the Museum at night for a special pizza dinner, join in a fun craft activity, tour the Museum by torchlight, watch a movie in theatrette and then catch some ZZZ's in the Museum surrounded by amazing artifacts!

Don't forget your camera to capture every moment of this larger than life experience - your very own night at the Museum!

Sleepovers are held throughout the year so keep an eye out for dates and themes.

In the past we have held the Mammoth Megasnore to celebrate the Ice Age, the Mummy Megasnore to celebrate the wonders of Egypt and our ever popular Dinosnore!

Sleepovers at the Museum are designed to be the ultimate family experience! 1 adult can be responsible for up to 4 children. Adults are not permitted to attend without children, and children are not permitted without adults.

Chanele Moss , Events Coordinator
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