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  • Fishes of Sydney Harbour

    Sydney Harbour has a very rich fish fauna.  Nearly 600 species live in it, enter it, or are known from historic records.

  • Australian Museum Timeline


    The Australian Museum has undergone some turbulent times since it was established in 1827.

  • Search and Discover Centre

    Search. Discover. Question. Investigate. Nature and Culture Explore. Enquire.

  • Help us save the Great Barrier Reef

    Your donation will support our research on containing the Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) outbreaks that devastate the Reef.

  • Learning Resources by Topic

    Education resources on our website organised by curriculum topics.

  • Exhibition Resources by Topic

    Activity sheets for teachers and students doing a self-guided excursion.

  • Museum Educator-led Programs

    A Museum expert leads students on their excursion.

  • Touring exhibition: Supercroc

    Exhibition currently touring: National Wool Museum, Geelong, VIC, 19 Sep to 30 Nov 2014.


  • Education

    Find out about our education and outreach programs, including how to book for both in-house visits and external programs such as Museum-in-a-Box, organising work experience, activities for under 5s and information about the prestigious Eureka Prizes specifically for students and teachers.

  • Booking an education group

    Charges for education groups and how to book an excursion to the Australian Museum. Bookings are essential.

  • Find a fish

    The table below lists all fish families known from Australian waters. The site contains information on 1397 species in 270 families.

  • Odacinae - Weed Whitings

    Use the table to access images and fact sheets of the odacid fishes. Odacids are known as cales, weed whitings and rock whitings.

  • Ancient Australia - Years 7-8

    Indigenous objects from the past presented by an educator.

  • Corroboree Sydney 2014

    Join us for a special week of Indigenous cultural experiences and interactions.

  • Alert, not alarmed

    As the weather warms up and we spend more time outdoors, be aware of the other creatures getting out and about – snakes and spiders.