Scotty the T. rex

Meet Scotty, one of 8 members of our Tyrannosaurs exhibition family.

Scotty the T. rex

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Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Scotty the Tyrannosaurus rex is probably the most famous member of his family. Often called the ‘king of the dinosaurs’ by the media, Scotty fancies himself as the biggest and scariest of all his family.

With his awesome senses, including binocular vision, keen sense of smell, infra-sonic hearing and ability to detect vibrations, Scotty is definitely the top predator of his family. His favourite life motto is ‘Size Rules!’, and with is robust bones, massive skull and 60 sharp teeth, he just might be right.

When it comes to food Scotty really isn’t picky. His impressive teeth range from 3 to 28 centimetres in length and are perfect for crunching into weaker prey. While he does enjoy hunting for a nice fresh hadrosaur of ceratopsian, he also doesn’t mind leaving the work to someone else now and then by scavenging for leftovers.

Although he loves being seen as the ‘king’ of his neighbourhood, one thing Scotty cannot stand is when other dinosaurs make fun of his tiny arms. While his arms are relatively small compared to the rest of his body, they certainly couldn’t be called puny. He has very strong muscles and not to mention huge sharp claws. Anyone planning on insulting him, should be warned and watch out!

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Fast facts about Scotty

  • Name means ‘tyrant lizard’
  • Powerful jaw muscles
  • Large hand claws but very short arms
  • Arms may have been small but they were very strong
  • Skull not as heavy as it looks, much of the bone contained air pockets to reduce its weight
  • Only lived the last 2 million years of the Late Cretaceous period
  • 30 individual T. rex fossils have been discovered since the 1890s
  • T. rex was a top predator because of its awesome senses such as binocular vision, keen sense of smell, infra-sonic hearing and ability to detect vibrations
  • Fed on Triceratops

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