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The Australian Museum's Microscopy & Microanalysis Unit is involved in a wide range of scientific research both within the Australian Museum, with outside institutions and other government agencies.

Sue Lindsay

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The Microscopy & Microanalysis Unit provides light photomicrographs and Scanning Electron Micrographs to Australian Museum Research & Collections, the Australian Museum Public programs, education and exhibition.

The large depth of field available in the SEM makes it possible to observe three-dimensional objects – specimens using stereoscopy. Three-dimensional images allow different morphological features to be correctly interpreted and measured.

The Museum's expert for nature's tiny structures is Sue Lindsay. She is manager of the Microscopy & Microanalysis Unit, and operates the SEM.

Our website provides you with detailed information about our work, equipment & how it's done, and features many SEM image galleries. Visibly explore the micro wonderland!

Commercial Services

We also offer our services to external government agencies, groups and a wide variety of organisations and individuals. Feel free to contact us for questions and requests:














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