Programs for ESL and Adult Literacy students

The Australian Museum is a stimulating learning environment for students learning English as a second language or adult literacy students. Self-guided activities have been developed to enhance students learning of the English language through the exploration of Museum exhibitions about Australian animals, minerals and Indigenous culture.

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Self-guided program

The self-guided student activities can be used to:

  • encourage students to use public institutions in Australia and view them as accessible community resources
  • build student knowledge of Australia's natural environment and/or Indigenous cultural heritage
  • provide opportunities for meaningful spoken interactions outside the classroom
  • provide opportunities to use written English in a non-classroom context

Education Resource Kits

The following education resources have been produced specifically for ESL and Adult Literacy students.

1. Discovering Australia through the Australian Museum

This kit contains teacher notes and student activities for before, during and after students visit the exhibitions about Australian animals and minerals.

2. Discovering Indigenous Australians through the Australian Museum

These kits contain teacher notes and student activities for before, during and after students visit the Indigenous Australians: Australia's first peoples exhibition.


Ms Helen Wheeler , Education Project Officer
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