Museum in a Box - Spiders

Boxes are currently available each school term for set loan periods of three weeks. Museum in a Box can be sent to and collected from any educational institution within New South Wales.

Museum in a box - spiders

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Many of Australia's spiders are large and hairy and live in burrows or dark corners. Some are also very venomous. Others have beautiful colours and patterns and build intricate silken webs. Some have very interesting habits, such as the net-casting spiders, which catch their prey with a silk net held in their front legs. Spiders are arachnids and do not have backbones. This means they are invertebrates. They have eight legs, many eyes and silk-producing organs called spinnerets. This box contains many spider specimens embedded in plastic resin.

Box Contents:

  • Embedded spider specimens
  • Large model of a Redback spider
  • Fossil arachnid
  • Hand lens
  • Tarantula puppet
  • Information panels
  • Books
  • factsheets


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