Museum in a Box – Snails, Slugs and Squids

Boxes are currently available each school term for set loan periods of three weeks. Museum in a Box can be sent to and collected from any educational institution within New South Wales.

Museum in a Box - Snails, Slugs and squids

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Molluscs are soft-bodied animals without backbones. The empty shells we find on the beach are the remains of dead molluscs. Most molluscs live in or near salt or brackish water. A few kinds live in fresh water and others live on land. This box discusses the way different molluscs develop and what they look like.

Box Contents:

  • Specimens
  • Squids
  • Cuttlefish
  • Octopus
  • Sea snails
  • Garden snails
  • Slugs
  • Moving Mollusc Game
  • Books
  • Factsheets


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Karen Player , Manager Museum Outreach
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