Museum in a Box - Bush Tucker

Boxes are currently available each school term for set loan periods of three weeks. Museum in a Box can be sent to and collected from any educational institution within New South Wales.

Museum in a Box - Bush Tucker

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The Bush Tucker box covers a range of issues from an Indigenous perspective using a variety of activities. It examines the ways in which Indigneous people obtain, process and use their food resources. It will also help students to understand:

  • that Indigenous people use many methods of finding, collecting and processing food;
  • that Indigenous people obtain a variety of products from a single resource;
  • the creative way Indigneous people respond to diverse conditions and environments.

Box Contents:

  • 18 bush food specimens 
  • Bush smells
  • Bush Tucker environment posters
  • Bush Tucker activity card
  • Bush Calendar posters
  • Information panels
  • Books



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Karen Player , Manager Museum Outreach
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