Museum in a Box - Art and Performance

Boxes are currently available each school term for set loan periods of three weeks. Museum in a Box can be sent to and collected from any educational institution within New South Wales.

Museum in a Box - Art and Performance

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The Art and Performance box examines how Indigenous people express their identity through art and performance. It will help students to understand that visual and performing arts are integral parts of Aboriginal lifestyle and identity - connecting land, people and heritage across Australia over time. They will also learn that:

  • art contains many levels of meaning, such as symbolism and mythology
  • there are major regional styles used by Indigenous peoples
  • media and contexts influence what is produced and performed
  • Indigneous people have created new contexts for art and performance

Box Contents:

  • Land Marks map of New South Wales
  • Land Marks postcards of art sites
  • Colourscapes colourwheel
  • 2 sets of clapsticks
  • Emu decoy
  • Music DVD
  • Books
  • Posters
  • Information panels



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Karen Player , Manager Museum Outreach
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