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Welcome to the spring edition of Explore magazine!

Serena Todd

Carl Bento © Australian Museum

Night talks

Thanks to those Members who completed the recent Night Talks survey. Faced with rising costs, we had to choose between raising prices and not serving food or drink. The majority voted strongly against raising prices. So, much as we would have liked to maintain the pre-talk refreshments, Night Talks will now begin promptly at 6 pm and finish by 7 pm, followed by a short Q&A – leaving you plenty of time to explore the many local cafes and bars.

Special email offers

We often make special last-minute offers to Members by email. If we do not already have your email address, just give our office a call on 02 9320 6225 and we will add you to the list. You can then take full advantage of your Membership and gain access to special offers like invitations, free talks, special discounts, movie screenings, giveaways, previews and more. However you choose to experience your Museum, we hope you enjoy your visit!

Serena Todd, Members Officer
First published in Explore 35(2), July 2013


Brendan Atkins , Publications Coordinator
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