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How to Join

Three options:

Members enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Free general admission to the Australian Museum all year
  • Subscription to Explore - the Museum's full-colour magazine
  • Discount admission, express queues and exclusive viewings for special temporary exhibitions
  • Discounts to events including Night Talks, Sleepovers, School holiday programs, walks, workshops and more!
  • Access to the Members Lounge with complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits

Standard Membership prices

  One year Two year
Single Membership $70 $135
Family Membership
Two adults and children under 18 at the same address
$88 $170
Dual Membership
Two adults at the same address
$88 $170
(Does not include Seniors Card)
$52 $100
Full time student $52 $100
Distance Single (over 100km away, within Australia) $60 $115
Distance Family (over 100km away, within Australia) $78 $150

(All rates include GST where appropriate)

Premium Membership prices

Further to your standard Membership, you may wish to give an annual tax deductible donation:

Bronze Echidna $250 - $499
Silver Echidna $500 - $999
Gold Echidna $1000 - $1999
Diamond Echidna $1000 - $1999


Chanele Moss , Events Coordinator
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