Indigenous Australians - Stages 4-6

Students explore the Indigenous Australians: Australia's first peoples exhibition using written stimulus questions.

Student with Aboriginal shield

Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum

PLEASE NOTE: Our Indigenous Australians exhibition is currently undergoing renovation.Some elements of the exhibition have been changed in format or removed.
The eastern half of the exhibition space now displays objects from the Museum’s permanent collection and the western half now hosts special Indigenous art exhibitions.

Self-guided program

Students listen to Indigenous Australians tell their own stories through images, interactives, artifacts and artwork.

  • Syllabus links: Aboriginal Studies Stages 4-6, History Stages 4-5, Geography Stages 4-5
  • Maximum number of students: no limit
  • Duration: One hour
  • Cost: General Museum entry charge per student
  • Location: Indigenous Australians: Australia's first peoples exhibition, Level G 

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Ms Helen Wheeler , Education Project Officer
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