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Researchers - contact LIRS if you want to be put in touch with any of the people listed below.

Available now to September 2014

My name is Bar ***. I'm a dive master from Israel. I volunteered in Heron Island as a research assist diver for UQ. I have all the documents that are needed to volunteer as a diver: dive medical, work visa, First aid and CPR. I can come immediately till September. Registered 27 November 2013

Available Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov 2014

Hi there, My name is Sheena *** and I live in Sydney I'm here to register my keen interest in volunteering at Lizard island Research station. I'm currently undertaking a Masters of Research in the field of Coral ecology and plan to pursue a career in research. In short my thesis revolves around trait based modelling of coral adaption and acclimation. I will also be working closely with P. versipora from temperate and tropical regions to gain understanding of thermal tolerances. As I'm reaching the end of my Degree I would like to have a little more experience in the field of research outside university. I'm able to volunteer from or between the dates Feb 10th-March 10th 2014 20 Oct-15 NOV 2014. These are the dates available between my uni schedule.

In regards to qualifications: I have a current ADAS part 1 occupational diving ticket (30m). I have dived mostly in Sydney region and a few times in the GBR and vanuatu. I also have a current AS2299 dive medical, first aid and O2. I have some experience working underwater in quadrats, transects, coring, lifting, using tools. Other details: I'm a good cook and can whip up a good meal from very little, Self sufficient and can work calmly individually or in a team, musical. Curious. I look forward to hearing from you. Registered 21 January 2014

Available May to August 2014

My name is Noa, im 22 years old from Israel. My flight to cairns is on 29th of may. I would love to voulnteer between the months june 1st to september 1st. Im travelling to australia via working visa holiday. the reason I want to volunteer is because I want to see the great barrier reef and learn more about it. I am a divemaster with over 1600 dives. I worked as an underwater photographer in the dolphin reef in Eilat, Israel for over a year and during this time I did a padi divemaster course. If accepted into a research team, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip and I will obtain training and certification in first aid and medical oxygen administration if required. Registered 22 March 2014

Available August 2014 to January 2015

My name is Chris ***, a soldier currently living in Darwin Australia. I am moving to Townsville in a few months and am interested in being a research volunteer at Lizard Island. I am available to volunteer between the months of August to January on a full time basis. My circumstances that enable to volunteer are myself leaving Defence and having accrued almost four months leave, which will be my financial backing whilst I volunteer. The reason I am interested in starting a degree in Marine Biology next year and would the love the chance for some field experience.

I currently have my Advanced Open water cert and by August will have completed my Deep Diver and Trimix courses. I will have read up on and understood LIRS policies in the next month. I have a current First Responder certificate with a drug and Advanced Resuscitation component. I do not have any current experience in scientific research however I am quite versed in marine life. My island skills are: good cook, tidy, hygienic, good diver, have all my own dive equipment, can sleep just about any where, specialist communications operator and other varies skills from being defence for six years. Registered 5 June 2014

Available now to October 2014 

I'm Catriona from the UK. Available now July to Oct 2014. I'm here in Australia looking for opportunities to help with marine research on coral reefs as it is something I really enjoy. I'm qualified to PADI Rescue diver, I have 611 dives logged with 288 hours of science diving. most recent dive was 16/6/14 on a 10 day trip with DPaW WA to monitor seagrass in Shark Bay. All of my science diving has been tropical - Belize (Coral Cay Conservation), Sri Lanka (Marine Conservaton Society, UK), Fiji (Newcastle Uni UK), Bonaire MPA ( MP Manager). I understand the LIRS dive regulations. I have already obtained: a dive medical certificate AS2299, Senior First Aid certificate, DAN oxygen first aid for Dive accidents and a Qld Recreational Marine Drivers licence and registered as a diver for UQ. I have been on 7 lengthy field trips to remote island locations and can handle a small outboard engine boat. I'm a good team worker, very supportive, like to cook and make good coffee (my opinion). please get in touch if you need more information. I'm in Brisbane at the moment. Registered 4 July 2014

Available November/December 2014

My name is Paula *** and I am Spanish. We are a couple interested in doing a volunteering for a month from November 15th until Dicember 15th. ( Fabio *** and me) We are Marine Scientis with 25 and 26 years old, we are now doing a volunteer at AIMS (Australian institute of marine science) in Townsville, in order to get some experience. We leave Australia in one week but we come back to AIMS for the coral spawning season on September 15th. We have eVisitor Visa, is a Visa for 12 month but every three month we have to leave the country. Both of us are recently Dive Masters Padi, we did Dive Master course, Rescue and EFR in the Philippines three month ago. I have around 70 dives logged and Fabio has around 200. We used to dive together, most of our diving has been in Indonesia, Mediterranean Sea and in the Philippines. If accepted into a research team, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip. We are very interested in dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Both of us are a good cookers, non smoker, funny and easy going. Registered 23 June 2014

Available now to July 2015

Hi I'm Amy ***. I'm 29 years old and originally from the UK, but have been living in Queensland since 2008. Available for any (long or short term) volunteering opportunities from July 2014 onwards. I have been working as a Exploration Geologist on and off for the past six years , with breaks in between to travel and work on overnight sailing charters. I have recently returned to Australia from overseas to find work or volunteer as a Divemaster or as an UW photographer.

Science Background: excellent mapping and GIS skills, experience in scientific statutory reporting and managing teams of junior staff members and contractors. I have (briefly) visited Lizard Island a number of times while transferring to and from Spoilsport to go diving. Diving has become a large part of my life over the years and I would love to come and combine my love of both science and diving in such an amazing location.

DIVE EXPERIENCE: 150 logged dives since 2008 – All of it has been tropical and 90% of it on Indo-Pacific reefs. Also have a passion for Photography. o Australia: Osprey Reef, northern GBR (Cod Hole, Ribbons etc.), numerous Port Douglas/Cairns local and outer reef day trips, the Yongala, inner and outer reefs off of the Whitsundays, Heron Island, HMAS Brisbane and many dives on the reefs in and around Moreton Bay (particularly North Stradbroke Island). o Overseas diving in Northern Sulawesi, Solomon Islands, Cozumel (Mexico), Belize, Thailand and Malaysia.

QUALIFICATIONS: o PADI Divemaster & UW Photography Instructor. o EFR (June 2014) and many Senior First Aid and CPR courses over the past 6 years through work. o QLD recreational boat licence o Elements of Shipboard Safety (2009) o O2 Providers (2009 – can update) o Oil Spill Response (Containment & Cleanup) o RII competencies S1, S2, S3 & G2 (Apply Risk Management Processes, Conduct Safety & Health Investigations, Communicate Information & Carry out the Risk Management Process)

I am used to working in remote environments in small exploration “communities”, and have spent extended periods of time in shared accommodations with shared facilities. I understand the LIRS diving regulations and am able to meet them with no issues. While working on sailing charters I was responsible for cooking/cleaning for up to 20 people in a small galley, living and working in a fairly cramped environment. I am a non-smoker and find it easy to get on with other people. Registered 9 July 2014

Available July 2014 to July 2015

My name is Joshua ***, I am from the United Kingdom. I would be available to volunteer from July 2014 to July 2015. I am in Australia on a Working Holiday, currently staying on Russell Island in Queensland. I am a Marine and Freshwater Biology Graduate, looking to gain experience as a research assistant and increase the number of dives I have logged.

I am a PADI Rescue Diver and Emergency Oxygen Administrator with 40 dives logged, ranging from Cave and Reef Dives in Greece, to a series of Wreck dives in the Philippine Islands. My most recent dive was the 24th August 2014 in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Turkey. Of these dives the best corals were found on the 12 Philippine wreck dives. I am also a competent snorkeller/freediver, and would definitely be interested in using these skills at the island. I have read and understand the conditions for diving at LIRS, and realise that with the current hours logged I would only be able to dive Supervised Short Term. I will reapply if these circumstances change. I understand that I will need to obtain a current dive medical that meets the Australian/New Zealand Standard 2299. I will bring my EFR First aid and PADI Oxygen Administrator evidence with me.

I have a BSc (2.1) in Marine and Freshwater Biology from Aberystwyth University, gained in 2013. I have also spent two periods of 3 months each on the island of Zakynthos, Greece, working as a volunteer with Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. During my time there I was trained as a shift leader, responsible for ensuring correct monitoring procedures during morning surveys, and for personally tagging turtles during night surveys. During my degree modules in Marine and Freshwater biology also included water samples using Van Dorn bottles, collection of sediment using grab samples and plankton collection and identification using drag nets. I have spent large amounts of time within small groups, when volunteering in Costa Rica (3 months), Greece (6 months) and the Philippines (6 weeks). Duties such as shared cleaning and cooking were commonplace, and as a non-smoker and non-fussy eater I would fit well with any group on the island. Registered 11 July 2014

Available throughout 2015

My name is Markus ***, I am a German citizen, currently residing in the Netherlands. I hold a PhD in computational fluid dynamics and currently the qualification of BSAC (British Subaqua Club) Sports Diver, the equivalent of PADI Rescue Diver and am working to complete my Dive Leader (PADI dive master equivalent) qualification soon.

I will be taking a professional assignment that will have me working on a 4 weeks on/4 weeks off rotational schedule and would like to do something meaningful in the time I have off and gain some applied oceanographic research experience. Thus, I will be available every other 4 weeks for all of 2015.

I have currently logged 80+ dives, have dived in the Carribean, Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand, various places in Asia, Brazil, Egypt, the English Channel but most recently gained experience in Dutch waters. If accepted into a research team, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip and I will obtain training and certification in first aid and medical oxygen administration as required.

With my mechanical engineering background I'd say I am practical and based on my previous research experience in fluid dynamics I believe I could contribute to research project that have a component of that sort. Thank you very much already for your consideration. Registered 5 August 2014


Dr Anne Hoggett , Director, Lizard Island Research Station
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