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Available now to September 2014

My name is Bar ****. I'm a dive master from Israel. I volunteered in Heron Island as a research assist diver for UQ. I have all the documents that are needed to volunteer as a diver: dive medical, work visa, First aid and CPR. I can come immediately till September. Registered 27 November 2013

Available February to June 2014

I am a US citizen, Erica ***, currently living and working on Catalina Island, California. I have been employed in my current company, the Catalina Island Marine Institute, since September 2004. I have held the following positions: marine science instructor, aquarist, dive director, assistant program director and currently program director. I can be available to travel and volunteer from February 2014 to June 2014. I am currently applying for graduate school to start in September 2014. I am interested in working as a scientific diver or research assistant before starting graduate school. I am a NAUI dive instructor, AAUS scientific diver and have logged over 400 dives in California. If I am added to a research team, I will obtain any type of medical clearance or certifications necessary. I am currently an American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor and hold current lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid, AED and Emergency Oxygen certifications. Lastly, I have been living in a small, island camp community that is only accessible by boat for the past 9 years. I hold US captain's license and am a confident small, outboard engine boat handler. Registered 10 October 2013

Available March to May 2014

From Phoebe ***, USA. I will be taking time to travel in the Spring of 2014 and would be willing to base the details of that travel on possible research opportunities. I thrive on new experiences and new knowledge and seek opportunities allowing me to gain more skills in all aspects of marine research.

I am currently a Research Associate at a North American University where my job consists of project development, organization, management and implementation as well as data analysis, report writing and communication of results to a broad spectrum of audiences. Much of our work is collaborative research with industry and other research organizations with much being diver-based and fieldwork focused.

I am a PADI Divemaster, an AAUS Scientific Diver and also have Dry Suit and Ice Diving certifications and experience for those colder projects!! The majority of my 400+ logged dives have taken place in Southern California, the Caribbean and in New England waters. I received my Divemaster certification in the Florida Keys and worked there for 2 summers on reef dive trips and have logged over 30 dives doing coral reef bleaching research in Bonaire using the BLAGGRA protocol. If necessary, I will obtain any type of medical clearance or certifications required for participation. I hold current DAN CPR, First Aid, AED and Emergency Oxygen certifications and have small, outboard engine boat handling experience in a variety of weather conditions. Since 2003 I have lived and worked in small communities from Catalina Island, California, to Witch Island, Maine, an am well-equipped for Island life! Thanks for your consideration and have a great day. Registered 9 October 2013

Available Nov 2013 to May 2014

I am a Consultant Pharmacist and I am currently studying various management courses part-time and working as a locum whilst doing some travelling. I have recently completed my PADI Advanced Diving course and I have always been an active volunteer in my community. I would love to assist in any capacity as a volunteer at the Lizard Island Research Station and would be able to at any point over the next 6 months. I am a people person and work very well in a team. Registered 29 October 2013

Available Dec 2013 to about June 2014

My name is Katherine ***, and I am currently a volunteer for UQ for the biological sciences department. I have had many volunteer opportunities to gain experience in different areas of biology, more specifically marine biology. I am looking for a Research Assistant position, volunteer or paid (preferably paid). I work with Dr Ruth Reef at UQ in the labs, and currently at Heron Island for 7 weeks until the end of November, as a volunteer RA. I hope to gain contacts and connections while being here at UQ and I hope that I can further my experience by letting current supervisors or post-grads know that I am looking for this type of work. I am based in Brisbane, and am on my second year working holiday visa, but am in the process of applying for the 417 de-facto visa with my partner. I am willing to work away from Brisbane for up to two months. I am on the UQ dive register. Registered 5 November 2013

Available Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov 2014

Hi there, My name is Sheena ** and I live in Sydney I'm here to register my keen interest in volunteering at Lizard island Research station. I'm currently undertaking a Masters of Research in the field of Coral ecology and plan to pursue a career in research. In short my thesis revolves around trait based modelling of coral adaption and acclimation. I will also be working closely with P. versipora from temperate and tropical regions to gain understanding of thermal tolerances. As I'm reaching the end of my Degree I would like to have a little more experience in the field of research outside university. I'm able to volunteer from or between the dates Feb 10th-March 10th 2014 20 Oct-15 NOV 2014. These are the dates available between my uni schedule.

In regards to qualifications: I have a current ADAS part 1 occupational diving ticket (30m). I have dived mostly in Sydney region and a few times in the GBR and vanuatu. I also have a current AS2299 dive medical, first aid and O2. I have some experience working underwater in quadrats, transects, coring, lifting, using tools. Other details: I'm a good cook and can whip up a good meal from very little, Self sufficient and can work calmly individually or in a team, musical. Curious. I look forward to hearing from you. Registered 21 January 2014

Available May to August 2014

My name is Noa, im 22 years old from Israel. My flight to cairns is on 29th of may. I would love to voulnteer between the months june 1st to september 1st. Im travelling to australia via working visa holiday. the reason I want to volunteer is because I want to see the great barrier reef and learn more about it. I am a divemaster with over 1600 dives. I worked as an underwater photographer in the dolphin reef in Eilat, Israel for over a year and during this time I did a padi divemaster course. If accepted into a research team, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip and I will obtain training and certification in first aid and medical oxygen administration if required. Registered 22 March 2014


Dr Anne Hoggett , Director, Lizard Island Research Station
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