30th Anniversary Development

After 30 years supporting research, LIRS was completely overhauled thanks to the Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation.

The Ian Potter Centre for Tropical Marine Research, Lizard Island Research Station

Photographer: Vanessa Messmer © Vanessa Messmer

LIRS was established in 1973 and by 2003, its infrastructure required substantial improvements. The 30th Anniversary Development was a $4.75 million overhaul of the Station's infrastructure that took place between 2005 and 2012. It was implemented in stages so that the Station could remain open, allowing research projects and educational programs to continue uninterrupted. Charlie Shuetrim was the Chairman of this project's fundraising committee.

Annual reports on progress of the Development


2003 Fundraising appeal launched at the Australian Museum

Visitor accommodation (Talbot House) replaced

  New general-purpose work area constructed
  Large storage shed (Alison) constructed
2006 Kalkhoven Wing of the Ian Potter Centre for Tropical Marine Research constructed, including:
   - Macquarie Group Foundation Seminar Room
   - Shuetrim Library
   - Kirby Computer Room
   - Balnaves Aquarium Rooms
   - Offices, dive gear store, housekeeping, laundry and food storage facilites
  The Ian Potter Centre for Tropical Marine Research is officially opened in October
  Tractor replaced
  First new dinghy launched (Freya)
2007 Thyne Reid Wing converted to laboratories
  Raymond E. Purves Laboratory extended and refurbished
  Underground works for Sir John Proud Aquarium extension commenced
  Second and third new dinghies launched (Ellie and Lili)
  Purchase of laboratory equipment commenced
2008 Visitor accommodation (Kirby and Suntory Houses) fully refurbished
  New seawater inlet lines and pumps installed prior to aquarium system extension
  Fourth, fifth and sixth new dinghies launched (Louise, Sam and Sarah)
  Two larger new boats launched (Macquarie 1 and Macquarie 2)
  New generator installed
  Purchase of laboratory equipment continued
2009 Sir John Proud Aquarium extended and refurbished
  Visitor accommodation (Loomis House) extended and refurbished
  Seventh new dinghy launched (Mimi)
  Purchase of laboratory equipment continued
2010 Workshop completely refurbished
  New filling system for scuba tanks installed
  Frame for new solar power array constructed
  Eighth new dinghy launched (Primrose)
  Purchase of laboratory equipment continued
2011 30 kW solar array installed, providing up to 64% of electricity needs
  Ninth new dinghy arrived (Mary Ida)
  Refit catamaran Kirsty K
2012 Two new research microscopes with digital imaging attachments purchased
  Sound attenuating wall installed on generator shed
  Bulk containers purchased to facilitate handling petrol
  Project completed



Some donations support specific sections of the 30th Anniversary Development Project. Others contribute to the project generally.

The Ian Potter Foundation General contribution; Ian Potter Centre for Tropical Marine Research is named in its honour
Queensland Government General contribution
Thyne Reid Foundation Refurbishment of the Thyne Reid Wing
  Dinghies Freya and Lili
  Laboratory equipment
Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Extension and refurbishment of aquarium system
Raymond E. Purves Foundation Extension and refurbishment of Raymond E. Purves Laboratories
  Laboratory equipment
Macquarie Group Foundation Macquarie Group Foundation Seminar Room
  Boats Macquarie 1 and Macquarie 2
Kevin Kalkhoven Kalkhoven Wing
James N. Kirby Foundation Kirby Computer Room
  Refurbishment of Kirby House
Balnaves Foundation Two new Balnaves Aquarium Rooms
Alison Hayward Storage shed Alison
Charlie and Sandy Shuetrim General contribution; Shuetrim Library named in their honour
Trust Company Generator
Coral Reef and Marine Science Foundation General contribution
Yulgilbar Foundation Dinghies Sam and Sarah
John Villiers Trust Dinghies Mimi and Mary Ida
Elizabeth Gabler Charitable Trust Dinghy Louise
Australian Projects Pty Ltd Computer equipment and technical support

The Fred P. Archer Charitable Trust (through Trust Company)

Solar panels
Lady Primrose Potter Dinghy Primrose
Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy and Friends of Conservation Pumps for aquarium system, solar panels


Dr Anne Hoggett , Director, Lizard Island Research Station
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